Evaluation of my single arm treatemt

Hello all,

I am going to Evaluation of combined surgical and antibiotic treatment for Diabetic foot ulcers, 30 patients with Diabetic foot ulcers were enrolled in this study, and the date of first and last visit was recorded, I considered this study as single-arm treatment as there I had no control group. I recorded the CRP before and after the treatment, the patients with an absolute difference in CRP less than 10 were considered as healing otherwise no healing will be recorded. How I can start with R cran evaluating my treatment. Statistics approach, and methodology

Thanks in advance.

## My data

    crp_before = c(96.1,90.4,114.4,88.3,76.1,191.2,69.8,122.3,188.6,77.3,126.8,189.3,165.2,116.8,72.3,120.9,122.3,115.2,90,142.3,87.2,195.5,184.3,110.2,113.6,147.4,96.8,116.4,55.3,209)
    crp_after = c(5.3,7,6.2,3.5,4.2,9.6,5.2,5.3,9.6,8,7.6,11,10.3,4.6,3.2,8.6,7.5,8.4,6.3,7.6,6.8,112,6.3,8.5,9.2,5.3,4.1,7.6,3,100)
    time_week = c(9,8,12,8,4,24,4,8,24,4,12,24,20,12,5,12,13,12,8,16,8,24,24,8,8,16,8,12,3,4)

Hi, @Rani:

Is there a Stan component to your question? Also, is there something specific? Is there a model you have in mind, for example, that you need help coding in Stan?

In general, you might want to think about not discretizing in the model around a cutoff of 10. Binomial data is very weak and you’ll need a ton of it to get tight intervals around parameters. You might instead be able to model change in CRP in treatment vs. control.

P.S. For other non biomedical researchers, I found this:

C-REACTIVE PROTEIN (CRP), a sensitive marker of systemic inflammation