Election Results for 2023 SGB

Dear Stan Community,

The election of new members to the Stan Governing Body concluded yesterday, and all three candidates were approved by the electorate. The 2023 SGB members are:

  • Vianey Leos Barajas (elected 2022, 2nd year of term) @vianeylb
  • Caetano Souto Maior (1 year term) @caesoma
  • Charles Margossian (1 year term) @charlesm93
  • Simon Maskell (2 year term) @s.maskell
  • Mitzi Morris (elected 2022, 2nd year of term) @mitzimorris

Thanks to the electorate and the community for your continued support!


Congrats to new members. Thank you for serving the community!


I am honoured to have the privilege to serve the Stan community as part of the SGB and will endeavour to make a positive difference to all users and developers out there. Thank you.


Thanks to all for votes and support. It’s an honor and a pleasure to serve the community, now in an official capacity. Looking forward to working with the other SGB members and to continue to contribute to the Stan community and beyond.


Congratulations on the new members elected! The SGB is on to a good year in 2023!

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Thank you to all those who voted! I look forward to working with the other SGB members and the broader Stan community. Lots of exciting things to do!