Daily Stan meeting


I have been having meetings from 11-11:30 EDT on hangouts with the idea of supporting any topic with an obvious slant towards Stan. I did 3 days, I think it went well enough to do every weekday.

Announcement is here: Hangouts time for conversations about Stan or most anything else 11am EDT weekdays experiment

Does the SGB want to officially support this? I’d also like to pin the topic on the home page occasionally. We could also rotate the moderator, currently me.




Hi Breck,

This is a great idea. This is something that was partially discussed in the SGB meeting last week. Let me know if you’d like to join the meeting one of the following Mondays and we can let you know about some ideas that have been floated around.


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Sure, send an invite and I’ll join.


these forums (i.e. discourse.mc-stan.org) constitute a 24/7 ongoing Stan meeting which are open and self-documenting. the NUMFocus Stan project (through the SGB) is paying a moderator to work on ways of making this experience better, and it’s working quite well.

why would the SGB sanction something which is less transparent and less accessible to the entire community?