Could someone help me where to start to contribute to PyStan?

Hi, Pioneers of STAN!

My name is Jungang, a new developer here. It is so great to become a contributor for this famous software.

My research topic is about Bayesian statistics and I can code HMC (or NUTS) by hand in Python. I am interested in different methods of MCMC and I would like to contribute to PyStan. But I do not know where I can start to contribute. Could someone have recommendation for where new contributor can get started in PyStan?

Thank you!


Wonderful to have you here @jungang !
One place to start might be the open issues on PyStan’s github:



Nice to meet you. Are you already familiar how Stan works (sampling and algorithms are done with C++ and these are wrapped with python).

I recommend checking PyStan and httpstan repo how things work there. Also I recommend checking ArviZ repo for diagnostics and post-processing.


Thank you so much @jsocolar ! I will check these issues to figure out what I can do.

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Hi @ahartikainen,

Nice to meet you too. Thanks for your recommendation. Actually I am just familiar with the usage of PyStan but not know how it works. I will follow you idea to check how PyStan works at first. Thanks again.


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