Constructing prior distribution from scale responses

This is a general question. I would like to construct a prior distribution from scale responses from surveyed experts. Experts gave responses from 0 - 100. Any good source that I can use for that? Thank you.

Are you planning on using ordered Beta or zoi-Beta regression? Do you have 0s and 1s in the data?

No, I have responses from 0 to 100 on each question. I don’t understand your first question. But let me give a general context of my study. I want to estimate the probability of bedaquiline resistance in the presence of certain mutations and some features. So, I have asked some experts their knowledge about this probability. My prior distribution has to come from this information.

I have secondary data as my likelihood.

Aaah, you’re talking about trying to encode the experts’ opinion as a prior distribution? Something like this?

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Thanks. That is exactly what was looking for.