Cmdstan 2.15.0 tagged permanently?


Cmdstan 2.15.0 is now out for quite a while, but it hasn’t been announced despite rstan 2.15 and PyStan 2.15 appearing. As we are planing to include Stan into our production system I am wondering if plans are that the tagged cmdstan 2.15.0 will stay permanent?

I understand that 2.15.0 is not yet announced, so before pushing cmdstan 2.15.0 from the github account into a production system it would be great to know what the plans are.


I’m not 100% sure what you mean. CmdStan 2.15.0 is done and won’t change. If there’s a new one, it’ll go out as 2.15.1 or 2.16.0.

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Well, then maybe we forgot to update the web page?

Still lists 2.14.0.

Thats what confused me.