Stan v2.16 release date?

@seantalts, what’s the timeline for v2.16? I saw that Math was tagged.

Once the manual is updated, we can release Stan and then CmdStan. We could
also release 2.16 without manual updates if we’re in a rush.

No rush. I wasn’t sure what the timing was and saw that math was already tagged.

Yeah, I didn’t realize when I started the release process that we had manual changes we wanted to get in for 2.16.0 that weren’t ready yet. :/ Though Bob said we could also go without them.

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Target date?

It’s good that the math library is always in a releasable state.

Hey @Bob_Carpenter, when do you think you might be able to finish the manual updates by? If it’s not that soon, I can also just release Stan and CmdStan as is - I have no preference here.

I’m about to do them now. So hopefully today.


It’s out! Downloaded and tested the CmdStan release on the bernoulli example. Please let me know if you guys see any issues since this is the first release where I’ve changed the process (and scripts). You can see those changes to the scripts here if you like: