Broken link in tutorial-where to submit merge request?

This tutorial Multiple Species-Site Occupancy Model ( by @Bob_Carpenter has a broken link.

The example data is at


Notice the https vs http.

Where do I submit a pull request for this documentation?

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Those files live here:


@WardBrian Is the html file generated by an RMarkdown file somewhere? I don’t see any Rmd files in the repo.

@WardBrian I just summitted a pull request. Thank you for pointing me there.

@Bob_Carpenter did you put your Rmd file into any git repos? I would be happy to update them as well.

I believe the source is here: example-models/knitr/dorazio-royle-occupancy at master · stan-dev/example-models · GitHub

And the html file is manually copied over


Thanks. I also added the changes there as well.