Announcing the CIFellows 2020 Postdocs Project

Postdoctoral position with Andrew Gelman working on Stan for NSF CIFellows program

The NSF (National Science Foundation) in the US has responded to the crashing PhD job market from COVID-19 by funding 2 year fellowships for recently graduated or soon to graduate PhD students. This includes people in their first postdoc. The structure is a little different in that (1) the mentor (Andrew Gelman) will submit a letter of support; and (2) the candidate postdoc will provide 2 letters of reference, a research goals statement consisting of 1 page research/goals that address the usual Intellectual Merit and Broader Impact sections as well as a 1 page research plan with milestones and approach. Additionally there is a 1 page Fellowship plan that lays out what the postdoc will gain from the experience.

You have to be either a US resident or have graduated from a US institution.

Link to detailed information:

The work has to fit into the Computing and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) Directorate’s goals which could be working on core Stan/Bayesian inference or other CISE topics.

Since this program requires coordinated effort we need to find one or two people who are potential candidates and develop an application package together.

If you are interested please look closely at the call linked above and reach out to Andrew Gelman <>.

Other U.S.-based faculty could also advise postdocs through this program in a similar way.

Deadline is going to be mid-June 2020.