Adding models to Stan manual

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I am using a modified version of the LDA model in the Stan reference model (changed word distribution, added document-level covariates). Is there an established procedure for adding models to the manual? I couldn’t find one in my Google searches.

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the manuals have been moved to repo:

you’re welcome to file an issue to add your model to the manual. if you’re comfortable using R markdown and bookdown (requires knitr, pandoc, minimum, and latex to generate pdfs), then you can create a branch and submit a PR. otherwise, write it up in the issue and we’ll try to get it in there.

Great, thanks!

I think the user’s guide will is the right place for a new model if it illustrates a general point. Otherwise, I think a case study might be more appropriate.

Having said that, if you submit a PR for the user’s guide, we’ll probably take it. We’d like to encourage more contributions!

I’d like to see this example! Has it been created yet?

I’m not sure what you’re asking for—there are a lot of example models in the user’s guide and lots of user’s guide pull requests.