Why I need delete Rhistory every time

I will check while writing Stan code. As long as an error occurs, I need to exit R and delete “.Rhistory” , otherwise my check will not pass, even if I correct the code. I write stan file in R 4.00. What should I do to avoid this? Thanks.

Morning and welcome,

Can you tell me what version of R, rstan, and if you are using Rstudio that as well? What is the operating system you are running this on?



Thanks. I use the CmdStan in RStudio. My computer system is Windows10. This problem has bothered me a long time.

Can you post the error message? That will help folks track down what’s going on.

If there is an error in my Stan code, I click Check and an error message will appear. When I modify the error and the code is completely correct, I click Check, and the same error message will still appear. At this time, I need to delete rhistory and then check the code, so that there will be no error message, and the Stan code passes the check. I didn’t keep the previous screenshot. I will post it when I meet the same situation later. Thanks.