Use Stan on tracking the image ROI

Hello everyone,
I would like to know is there any sample code which could process on “image ROI detection”,
Anything could be help,thanks!

not sure what you mean by image ROI detection. In some applications, ROI’s are specified by the researcher (i.e. fMRI), and could be some linear combination of covariates. You might be looking for object detection? It’s popular to do this with a CNNs. There’s some tutorials if you search around on google. not sure if Stan is your best tool for this… If you are more specific, some people here could possibly help you.

depending on how you define the image (2-D image with RGB scale? or just grey scale? planar image reconstruction?) the image gets more complication, i.e. could be defined computationally as a 3rd order tensor (array) in the RGB case.

Yap! I would like to find out the way for object detecting.I have try some deep learning methods before,and I know the result is fantastic.But when using some of the deep learning methods, “big data is necessary”.So. I wonder if I only have a few data,is it possible for me to use “Stan” and have a great performance either?
Since there are many results using “Stan” and also works great on one dimension data.So I was curious about dealing with 2 dimension data.Could I detect the object by using this?
Any sample or concept about processing the image would help!Thanks !