Undefined reference to `_rcpp_module_boot_ stan....' on github actions only

My long existing package gastempt was recently archived on CRAN because of build errors. On my own Windows 10 installation, all checks work fine. All packages are updated to current, rstan is 2.21.2.

On github actions which worked before, I get this error now:

undefined reference to _rcpp_module_boot_stan_fit4linexp_gastro_1b_mod’`
(and 3 more for similar files).

I have completely regenerated the build environment with rstantools. RcppExport.cpp has the following:

static const R_CallMethodDef CallEntries[] = {
    {"_rcpp_module_boot_stan_fit4linexp_gastro_1b_mod", (DL_FUNC) &_rcpp_module_boot_stan_fit4linexp_gastro_1b_mod, 0},

As mentioned, everything build/checks fine on my Windows machine and passes tests on submission to CRAN, but not on github actions. So I assume some settings are different:

Any ideas where to start digging?

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Sorry, can’t help directly maybe @rok_cesnovar has an idea (and time to answer) ?

Package is back and accepted on CRAN now, but still errors on github:

Should fix the problem :)

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@jeffreypullin added configure(.win) files. I do not fully understand why these were not required for CRAN and for my local build.

Can someone comment (@rok_cesnovar ?)

Honestly, I would have thought that without the configure files compilation would never succeed, so I don’t have any insights I’m afraid.