Trouble writing survival model with time-varying covariates

Hi Stanners,

I’m pretty new to stan and I’m having a dickens of a time trying to properly write a survival model I’m working on.

I’m conducting a survival analysis of organizations that have both time-fixed and time-varying covariates. The time varying covariates are measured quarterly, and I’m trying to specify an exponential model similar to the one done here: A Survival Model in Stan

i know that rstanarm allows one to specify a survival model with time-varying covariates, but I’ve tried several times to install and reinstall the package but it when I go to load it, R gets stuck and will not load it, i.e. the stop sign appears and does not go away, even after 15 minutes. Does anyone have any advice to how to either A) get rstanarm to work properaly, or 2) specify an exponential model with time varying covariates that are measured at uniform intervals?

Welcome to discourse, and I’m sorry to hear that you’re having what sounds like a very frustrating problem!

I’m not exactly sure what’s going wrong, but the first thing I’d try is updating/reinstalling R, then reinstalling rstanarm, just to see if anything has changed.