Teaching/Workshop opportunity with NumFOCUS

Forwarded from NumFOCUS:

Hi everyone,

As NumFOCUS continues to develop our relationships with research institutions and corporations, we are receiving more and more requests to provide workshops or tutorials for them.

In response, we are looking to build a working directory of individuals from our project communities who are interested and available to facilitate workshops . Typically this would take the form of a 1-2 day training. Scheduling will be done in such a way as to accommodate the facilitator’s availability. Facilitators will be compensated for time and travel.

Your help with this effort will assist us in securing further support for NumFOCUS projects.

We ask that you please circulate this call among the more senior/experienced members of your community so that we can build a strong and diverse list of available workshop facilitators.

Additional compensated opportunities may be available in future in addition to workshop facilitation (e.g. - holding “office hours” or being “on call” to answer questions from our corporate sponsors and research partners).

To sign up as an interested facilitator, please complete this short form.

Thank you,


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