STAN in the cloud: python/R

We’ve now ran a few STAN training course with @betanalpha and Sarah Heaps. Due to the usual issues of participants installing software on their own machines, we’ve become fairly adept at running Stan via RStudio and/or python notebooks in the cloud. Our typical setup is:

  • URL:
  • Running in a docker container on Digital ocean
  • Usernames/passwords for each participant
  • Sudo user for the trainer
  • Each user has course material in their home area

If you run training courses and would like to have this as a backup (or the main event), feel free to contact me.

We’re are happy to provide (free) advice on how to set it up or provide it as a (paid) service.

At some point, we’ll write a blog post on the details, but there’s always something else that gets in the way.


These instances are great and provide seamless support for attendees who have their own machines but are not able to set up Stan Windows .

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