Stan Electorate for Referendums and Elections


As you may be aware there has been an effort to establish some governance for Stan over the past 18 months. For the past year the Stan Governing Body (SGB) has operated on a provisional basis. The SGB has been doing some good work with a around a $150k year budget, setting up the Technical Working Group (TWG) and there is more to come. Some sort of election/referendum is supposed to happen by October 23, 2019 to establish permanent governance.

Our current electorate are the members of a private discourse category ‘Stan Developers Only’ that historically functioned as a place for core developers to discuss Stan issues without having to worry about the discussion being public. It has morphed a bit into a group of ‘people important to Stan’ and it currently has 38 members. It is my belief that the current electorate is a subset of who should be on the electorate.

This thread is a request for ideas of who should be in an expanded electorate and how do we decide who is in the electorate. While the SGB is considering some ideas I thought it worth while to get input from the broader community.
This is what I propose:

  1. We kick around ideas for expanding/managing the electorate on this thread, I’ll put a few below.
  2. At StanCon Cambridge I have set aside an hour for community discussions on Thursday August 22. That can be an opportunity to refine/expand this discussion.
  3. After StanCon, we have a referendum which expands the electorate with the current electorate based on the SGB digesting all the possibilities and presenting one or more proposals.
  4. We spend the remaining time before the SGB authorization vote (before Oct 23) actually expanding the electorate that then votes in the new SGB.

Electorate ideas:

  • Who are the target voters? The current electorate is largely software developers, some of who are users. I think we need to add pure users that are strong community members, e.g. publish with Stan, teach Stan, evangelize Stan. There may be other categories and I’d like to see who that could be. Do we give people from projects that build upon Stan/Rstan a voice?

  • How do we decide who is in or out of the electorate once we have identified the target? We can have nomination process, second and a vote among current members of the electorate with a threshold. We can have nominations, second and only upon a negative vote do we call an election. We could have a small committee handle it. There are many possibilities.

  • How do we remove members for inactivity in the community or poor behavior?

I’ll leave it at this.