Stan-dev organization now participating in GitHub sponsors

(Posting on behalf of the @SGB)

There has been a “sponsor” button on the stan-dev/stan repo for a while now, but as of today GitHub has approved the stan-dev organization for participating in the GitHub sponsors program.

There’s now a “sponsor” button at the top right of the main stan-dev organization page on GitHub and also one for each of the individual repositories. Any funds that come in through the GitHub sponsors program will go through NumFOCUS.

Currently this is just a way for people to donate to Stan because we haven’t set up any “rewards”. GitHub will let us offer rewards for different sponsorship tiers, so if anyone has any ideas for what we could offer or wants to volunteer to work on that please let us know!

And thanks to @billg for applying to GitHub and dealing with this process on behalf of the @SGB. And thanks to @ariddell for suggesting this a while ago.


It looks like all repositories have already been updated so it’s not really useful now, but could be used for the Code of Conduct once finished.

There is the option of using a .github repository for files that are the same in all repositories, see GitHub docs for more details. GitHub will then use the files available in .github repo unless overwritten in a specific repository.

Note: Files like the Code of Conduct of the Contributing guide are currently not discoverable to people without access to the repository but this should be fixed soon by adding a new “Community Profile” section to the sidebar, under the “Languages” section: