Stan content + discount for Stan users at upcoming virtual NY R Conference

tl;dr @andrewgelman and @jonah are speaking at the (virtual) New York R conference, and there’s a 20% discount for Stan users with the code stan-rconf-20 (for both conference registration and workshops).

Here’s an announcement I’m passing along from the conference organizers:

The sixth annual R Conference | “New York” will take place August 14-15, 2020, with workshops on August 5-6 & 12-13.

A great group of data scientists will be coming together, including Andrew Gelman (Stan Team and Columbia), Jonah Gabry (Stan Team and Columbia), Emily Robinson (Warby Parker), Wes McKinney (Ursa Labs), Erin LeDell (, David Robinson (Heap), Dan Mbanga (Amazon), Jacqueline Nolis (Brightloom), Jared P. Lander (Lander Analytics), Max Kuhn (RStudio), with so many more great speakers joining. You’ll also experience a standup-comedy set, a silent R-art auction, and lots of free books and developer tools.

Please use your 20% discount code stan-rconf-20 when registering for the conferences and workshops. The conference is usually in New York City, but for the first time, will gather folks from around the world and in very different time zones. We will be meeting on a virtual platform designed to stream live talks and encourage great personal interactions, even remotely. To see what it’s like, you can check out the R Conference 2019 highlights.


Now that they have an official stand-up comedy act, I won’t have to do any jokes in my talk.


There is a missed branding opportunity for STAN-dup.