Stan Community Meeting Agenda at StanCon Cambridge

We have an hour (1-2pm UK time) scheduled for a general Stan Community meeting on Thursday August 22. This is meant to be distinct from the Developer’s meetings happening Tues/Wed/Fri.

I will be available for questions/feedback as executive director of the Stan Governing Body (SGB). On the agenda at this point is:

  • What the SGB has been up to.
  • Report financials.
  • Discuss the electorate that forms the SGB and votes on referendums.

Please post possible topics in the responses.

The meeting will likely be streamed, I am not quite sure how to handle inbound communications but I am sure we can work something out.


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I’d like to add some items–they can be dropped.

  • Road Map creation process
  • Stan Mission Statement
  • Participating in Stan governance and technical leadership
  • How welcoming are we as a community?
  • What should StanCon be?
  • How can Stan be better?

A related topic that may of particular interest to academics is how to formalize stancon publications(proceedings, maybe?)

I am not sure if this is meant to be discussed here… so dismiss if wrongly placed… I would like to seek advise from the SGB on how to proceed with the current licensing issue we face in Stan-math. The issue at hand is that we struggle to get legal advise on the question about including the Intel Tbb with the Apache 2.0 licence. Thus I would like to share what we know and maybe a decision can be reached already. If this is something to discuss, then let me know in advance please so that I can compile something to facilitate the discussion.


Meeting at:, should start at correct place, 4:54 in.