Stan cheatsheets

I need your help in adding tips, tricks, and anything you happen to always seem to lookup into a Stan cheatsheets site.

The cheatsheets are in markdown so if you’re comfortable with that it is relatively easy to add.

The site is currently hosted at Stanhints — tickle your Bayesian bone

You can create a PR (pull request) at GitHub - spinkney/cheatsheets: My cheatsheets. If you have never done that then this is a great first chance!


Cool! Should we link to this from the Stan website?

I’d like this to be part of the Stan github repos and then it can be linked. Let me know. Though the first thing to do is talk to the lawyers about how to best reference the original owner (this is a fork of another cheatsheet repo). It’s all MIT license. Does it have to stay as a fork or can it become it’s own?


Sounds like a question for the @SGB maybe


Stan syntax highlighting now works on the cheatsheets. I don’t particularly like the syntax colors but that can be updated easily.