Stan roadmap

I started a Wiki document:

It’s much more detailed in my area of focus, the language and math lib. So please feel free to update this elsewhere.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s meeting, what I really think this needs is a kind of high-level summary we can show to people we’re asking for support—either new developers or people willing to pay for development or who just want to contribute and know where their contribution is going.


Thanks, Bob! Want me to make edits directly on there or should I have discussion here in case anyone wants to comment? (The weakness of GitHub’s wiki is that it doesn’t have commenting or suggestions or some of the more fully featured parts of other wiki software.)

There were really two places I was going to make changes:

Stan services: ??? (-> Mitzi Morris?)

Right now, that’s me in “???”.

CmdStan: Daniel Lee (-> Mitzi Morris?)

That should be Michael Betancourt instead of me.

Feel free to edit directly. I fixed those—thanks for the clarification.

I was confusing a roadmap with an atlas. I compressed everything and organized more clearly around modules.

Please help fill in the blanks. I only really filled out the language, math library, algorithms, and services roadmaps, as those are the core C++ components with which I’m most familiar. This leaves the vast terrain of everything going on downstream, including the interfaces and all the related R packages.

At the end, I touch on a bunch of topics that don’t slot neatly into our organization, including governance, the 800lb gorilla in the room.