ShinyStan not working properly


I have installed shinnystan without errors. I just launch the following code:

launch_shinystan_demo(demo_name = "eight_schools")

It correctly launch the demo. However it does not provide all the plots that I understand this interface provides. It keeps rendering: Updating selected range even if I wait for 20 minutes. I attach a screen shot. I am using UBUNTU20 with everything up to day so quite sure all libraries are correct. I was expecting something like this:

Hmm, that’s strange. I’m not sure why that’s happening. Can you try installing the shinystan 3 alpha version that @ducoveen is working on and see if that works? It’s not released yet but it should be working.

Okei will do now. In case it doesnt work, shall I open the github issue?

Yeah that would be great, thanks.

Okei, it is not working. Will open the issue. Not sure if it is something specific from Ubuntu, but already happened in both ubuntu 20, ubuntu 16, google chrome and firefox.


Thanks. Yeah I’m not sure but hopefully we can figure it out, sorry fro the trouble!

I’ll check out the issue once you’ve opened it and see if I can figure out the problem. Hopefully we can sort it out for you!



Thank you