Launching ShinyStan without blocking R session



This is a neat trick I found on Tyler Morgan-Wall’s Twitter and originally attributed to Joe Cheng. You can run ShinyStan (or anything else Shiny) without blocking the session (which was always a pain point for me). My helper function to run ShinyStan without blocking is below:

launch_shinystan_nonblocking <- function(fit) {
    launch_shinystan(fit) #You can replace this with any other Shiny app

Hope that helps somebody!


Cool trick.
What I have been doing is to save the fit object, reload it from another R session in the Terminal and launch shinystan from there.
It has the advantage that does not require further libraries, and can also be made into a function:

launch_shinystan_bkg <- function(fit) {
  tf <- tempfile()
  saveRDS(fit, tf)
  code_read <- deparse(call("<-", "fit", call("readRDS", tf)))
  code_launch <- "shinystan::launch_shinystan(fit)"
  code <- paste(code_read, code_launch, sep = "; ")
  system(paste("Rscript -e '", code, "' &"))

On the downside, it duplicates the object in memory which could be problematic for large objects. Although I’m guessing the future package probably duplicates behind the scene as well.


I get asked about this a lot, so I’m glad these workarounds do the job. Thanks for sharing these!