SGB 2020 General Updates

SGB Update – March 2020

  • Discuss Stan logo and trademarks to make sure we continue to keep rights over it.

  • GitHub sponsorship was posted in Discourse and the SGB discussed this with NumFOCUS to review legal considerations we need to think about.

  • Proposal for user recognition is still live in Discourse and accepting feedback.

  • A draft for voting structure has been started and is currently being discussed by SGB. This proposal intends to cover language and development changes, as well as broader topics like Code of Conduct.

  • The SGB is considering ways in which Stan development team can present updates and roadmaps of planned work.

  • Motion SGB2020-3: Transfer expenses of Google account into PEX Card. These are related to email accounts and data storage.

  • The SGB is actively looking at quotes for website re-development and checking against available funds.