Running Stan different in Linux, Mac, Windows

Operating System: Windows 10
Interface Version: what’s that?
Compiler/Toolkit: don’t know

I’ve been using rstan on a Mac and Linux and now started using Windows. There is different behavior and I don’t know how to control it. In Linux after every 10% of iterations for a chain, it shows you the number of iterations done and the chain number. This is the best.

On the Mac it is similar but does not show the chain number. I wish it did.

On Windows it does not show progress at all until it finishes. This is pretty frustrating sometimes.

I don’t see anything in the manuals about how to control this. Is there a way?

I think you need to update your rstan on the Mac. If you use the Windows GUI, there is no good way except to open in web browser, which is controlled by the open_progress argument. If you use RStudio, it should show up in the Viewer pane.

Tried that in windows with Rstudio. That works! Great. Thank you. Will have to try an update on the Mac. It actually did work the way I wanted before my previous update, actually.

Thank you for your quick reply.