Running from version 2.13 but not 2.15.1

Hi all,

I fit a model with rstan 2.13 and I got a results, now I have been asked to run the same model again but it does not run with the current version (2.15.1). Although it does not run but it does not point out the line(s) that have mistakes.

I do not change anything except updating the software package. So I would ask if you have any idea:

(1): Why it does not run with the current version

(2): Which has been changed/fixed from the previous version to current version that make my model from running to not running.

I include here the R codes, stan file and several rows of the dataset (I cannot send all of them).

Thank you so much for your help!
model1.stan (7.9 KB)

Here is the R codesRcodes.R (3.1 KB)

(Sorry since the system does not allow me to upload more than one file)

And here is some rows of the dataset
data.txt (980 Bytes)

I recommend installing 2.14.x to figure out what the problem is:

install.packages("", repos = NULL)
install.packages("", repos = NULL)

and then upgrade to 2.15.x once you have fixed it.

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What do you mean “does not run”. What happens?

Nothing in the Stan language should’ve broken backward compatibility between 2.13 and 2.15.

We’re about to release 2.16 that fixes the bug in 2.15 that hides error messages.