RStan installation failure, R 3.4.2 on 64-bit Windows 10

I am trying to use Rstan for the first time.
I am using R 3.4.2 and have used Rtools34.exe for installation of Rtools. I am following the instructions from this page:

Under the section “Verify that Rtools can be used in R”, I run into problems. When running the command
"system(‘g++ -v’) "
I get the following message:

Warning message:
running command ‘g++ -v’ had status 127

I am using the following:
R Version: 3.4.2
RStan Version: 2.6.12
Rtools: Rtools34.exe
OS: Windows 10

I did remember to check the path-box I would really appreciate some guidance.

Sorry—we’re lagging on responses over the holidays here in the U.S.!

@bgoodri or @jonah — any ideas?

Sounds like a path issue to me, but I’m not sure how R configures that on Windows.

@kriwin1980 — if you open a command terminal and type g++ --version, do you see anything? If not, Rtools may not have been installed on your path, so you may need to reinstall.