RStan for Catalina - ~/.Renviron clobbers CmdStan and friends

problem: many users use both BRMS, RStanARM but also use the other interfaces to run custom models - however if there’s an ~/.Renviron file, it pins an old version of clang and causes model compilation to fail for CmdStan (and therefore for CmdStanPy and CmdStanR).
cf: CmdStanR - install_cmdstan() not finishing build of cmdstan

since BRMS and RStanARM require RStan, this means that they can’t run CmdStan unless they hide the ~/.Renviron file. does this also mean that if they hide the ~/.Renviron file, they can’t use BRMS, RStanArm, and RStan?

can we resolve this in time for the 4/20 release?

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Rstan still works for me after removing ~/.Renviron. I got cmdstanr and Rstan working together now.

OS: Catalina with macos-rtools
Rstan: 2.19.3


Both rstan and cmdstanR work for me after removing ~/.Renviron.