Rstan binaries on CRAN

Howdy! We have a work computer that is an extraordinary pain to deal with due to (I think) overly clamped down security. I can’t download packages from GitHub or anywhere other than CRAN. In addition, I can’t install from source off of CRAN, only the binaries from a http repository. I noticed that today rstan 2.26 is on CRAN, but unfortunately the binaries are still 2.21. When I tried install.packages("rstan") it gave the little popup whether I wanted to install from source or binaries. I tried source but it didn’t work on. Will the binaries be updated to 2.26 as well, so that I can just install them from CRAN? Thanks

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Yeah there will be binaries but the timing is out of our control unfortunately. CRAN will automatically generate them but there’s a bit of a lag between submission and when the binaries are available.


Great! Thanks for the info

I just checked again and as of right now it looks like Windows binaries for the latest R version have been built by CRAN but we’re still waiting on Mac binaries plus Windows for the previous version of R.

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