Rstan 2.17.3 released and mostly available

RStan 2.17.3 is on CRAN and binaries have been made for El Capitan and Windows 3.4.x. This mainly fixes two issues:

  1. Does not swallow error messages when the list of data you pass to Stan is not what Stan expects (missing items in the data block, misspellings, wrong sizes, violating bounds, wrong type, etc.)
  2. On Mac, throws the correct exception when there is a parser error so that it tells you what the mistake was

So you should upgrade now. If you use R for Windows 3.x or Mavericks, then it will probably ask you if you want to install from source (at least until the binaries get made), in which case you should say “yes”. If you use R for Windows 3.x and don’t have the RAM to compile rstan from source, let us know and there is an alternative.

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awesome! tested a fresh pkg install from CRAN on Mac High Sierra and got parser errors w/out having to install from source. Ben rocks!