Repository for our tweaks to Discourse

we currently have two custom tweaks applied to our Discourse instance (docs on private messages, Needs love ). There is a bit of technical debt that those tweaks are only stored as “settings” in our instance (which e.g. means they are currently not consistently applied to Dark mode). It would probably be better to turn them into a proper “Theme Component” and version the code on Git (Discourse can then fetch the theme component from Git).

If that makes sense, can someone with the proper access right create a repo under stan-dev on GitHub called stan-discourse-theme-component or similar and give me rights to push there (my Git handle is martinmodrak)?


Done: stan-dev/stan-discourse-theme-component · GitHub

I made you admin of this repository. I think you should be able to do anything with it.


Took me a while, but the repo at GitHub - stan-dev/stan-discourse-theme-component now contains the theme and the theme is installed from the repo. Admins can now even tweak a couple settings without editing code at Customize → Themes → Components → Stan Discourse Customizations:

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