Replicating Abowd and Stinson's 'Estimating Measurement Error' paper

Hi Stan Forum!

I’m trying to do a similar kind of analysis as Abowd and Stinson’s ‘Estimating Measurement Error’ paper (especially Table 6) using a different dataset. As a new user, I am unable to think through the steps to code this, and it would be very helpful if there was replication code that I could use as an example.

I found replication code here but it uses ASREML and I’m unable to open these files. Does anyone know if there are other replication files for this or similar analysis? Any advice on how I should begin thinking about recreating Table 6 (even pointing to relevant R packages would be helpful!)?

I’m very new to Stan, and it is wonderful to have a forum to ask questions. Thank you!

The user’s guide has a bunch of example models in it:

Looking at the paper I don’t know of any super direct analogies to it. From eq. 1, it looks like a hierarchical linear regression, and there’s at least one hierarchical example in the user’s guide, so that’s probably the place to start.

This is very helpful, thank you for taking the time to answer my question!

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