Quantitative Fish Biologist Position with USGS, Western Fisheries Research Center

The Columbia River Research Lab is hiring a quantitative fish biologist as a new member of the Quantitative Fisheries Ecology Section (QFES) of the USGS, Western Fisheries Research Center. QFES is a small team currently comprised of two biologists and two statisticians that work on a wide range of fisheries and wildlife research questions to inform water and land management in the Western United States. We use a variety of analytical techniques including likelihood-based inference (both Bayesian and frequentist), simulation modeling, statistical life cycle models, machine learning, and mark-recapture models to understand how populations respond to environmental and management drivers. We use a number of tools in our research including R, JAGS/BUGS, Stan, Shiny, MPI/OpenMPI, and GIS and are interested in candidates with experience using these software tools. Our team has active research projects across the West, including the Central Valley of California, the Klamath Basin, and the Columbia River Basin. The position is located at the USGS, Columbia River Research Laboratory in Cook, WA (near White Salmon, WA and Hood River, OR) in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge.

The announcement closes on June 7, 2019 and can be found at www.usajobs.gov by searching on the announcement number: SAC-2019-0234

Interested parties can contact Russell Perry: rperry@usgs.gov