PSA: vscode is great for Stan

I’ve been using vscode now for a few months and I’ve been using Rstudio less and less. I can switch between R, C++, Python, and Julia easily with syntax highlighting for all. I can connect to an EC2 or remote server easily. @ivan-bocharov recently updated the vscode Stan highlighting so it correctly highlights array[ ] and other recent additions.

I’m giving it two thumbs up, Test it out for yourself and let me know what you think!

Example of Stan code:


I am glad to hear that you’ve been enjoying this extension. A lot of recent updates were possible because of generous contributions from @storopoli.

I am currently working on extending the extension’s functionality beyond syntax highlighting and snippets. I am starting with simple commands (e.g. compile/format current file, etc.) with plans to eventually make a full-fledged language server.


Full-fledged LS would be great. My contributions are small, since I don’t have a clue of JavaScript. The merit is all @ivan-bocharov’s. Let me know how I can help in the development.

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FYI, if you’re like me and don’t know what a language server is, see Language Server Extension Guide | Visual Studio Code Extension API

Thank you for your work @ivan-bocharov!