Problem installing Torsten 0.90

I downloaded Torsten 0.90 earlier today with just a git clone call. I then went into the cmdstan directory and did the usual make build:

cd Torsten/cmdstan
make build

That ran just fine and I got the message that cmdstan and Torsten were built successfully. Unfortunately, when I went to run an example I got the following error:

make examples/bernoulli/bernoulli
bin/stanc: line 1: Not: command not found

When I retry these steps but instead clone the old 0.89.1 tag of Torsten instead of the newest version, I’m able to run the bernoulli example just fine.

@yizhang any idea what could be going on here? I didn’t know whether to post here or on github but figured I’d make a topic in case anyone was running into the same thing.

I’m on travel and doesn’t have access a win machine. I’ll do my best to figure this out.

It could be that stanc3 binary was not downloaded correctly. What you can do is to try to download
and copy it to Torsten/cmdstan/bin/stanc.exe, before remake a model. If it doesn’t work, please let me know the output of using that downloaded binary to translate a stan model, say
Torsten/cmdstan/bin/stanc.exe path/to/the/model.stan
which should generate
If it doesn’t, then we have a bug of the stanc3 binary.

Thanks Yi. No rush. I’m doing fine with 0.89.1 for now.

This is actually not on my Windows machine. This is on a Metworx machine that’s running Linux.

Long-due update. This issue may have been resolved here. Basically see you can build models after rebuilding cmdstan, which will downloads the updated stanc3 binary. Let me know if it works.

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