Prior Choice Recommendations wiki

Hi all. On this list, there was a recent question about prior distributions, so I thought I’d point to our Prior Choice Recommendations wiki:

That’s what we have so far; it’s always under development as new ideas and new experiences come in.

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Someone should clean up that page. It’s a bit messy and more of a “let’s put everything in there so we don’t forget about it” page. I point students to it and they find it somewhat confusing. The intro is good, but could be improved. Then maybe a different layout. Many of the points on the page indicate uncertainty (which is good in a way) - but it makes the students a bit uneasy (the priors are always mysterious in the beginning). Also, the beginning should clarify that we should plot our priors before we even start fitting! :)


I agree. It would be great for someone to clean this up. There should be a way to reorganize without losing any of the useful information.

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