Print options in pystan

How can i select different options for the print function in pystan? For example, let’s say I want to do print(fit) and have 4 decimals and want to see the 20% and 80% credit intervals?

This is how I would do it in rstan but it doesn’t work in pystan:
print(fit, pars=c(‘noise_var’,‘tau’,‘beta_medias’, ‘gamma_ctrl’), digits=4, prob=c(.2,.8))

Thanks for your input.

For pystan2 check arguments forfit.stansummary


For pystan3 use arviz.summary


Thank you for your response. And if I wanted to see how to do all the options for those (ie: decimals, X% credible interval, variable, etc), is there documentation for that somewhere? I’m having trouble finding it when googling.