Predicting from binomial logit model in generated quantities (binomial_logit_rng workaround)?

I have fitted a model using binomial_logit_lupmf with cmdstanr.

Since there is no binomial_logit_rng, I’m wondering what might be the best way to generate predictions.

My main model is:

target += binomial_logit_lupmf(Y | trials, mu);

Is using something like:

prediction[n] = binomial_rng(trials[n], inv_logit(mu_pred[n]));

In generated quantities sufficient? Or would that be missing something?

You’re right that as of 2.30, we still don’t have binomial_logit_rng. Sorry about that! It’s on our to-do list.

Yes, that will work to give you posterior predictive draws. It’s what binomial_logit_rng would do internally. It’s more robust than using inv_logit for sampling because if it underflows to 0 or rounds to 1, you’ll still get sensible output (all 0s or all 1s).

If prediction, trials, and mu_pred are all one dimensional containers (array, vector, or row vector), then you can vectorize as:

array[N] prediction = binomial_rng(trials, inv_logit(mu_pred));
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