Postdocs and research fellows to work on Bayesian workflow and modeling

Several post-doc / research fellow positions in probabilistic modeling and Bayesian workflow in Finland DL 25th January 2021

I’m co-supervising topics

  • Prior constraints in probabilistic programming
  • Visualization in modeling workflow
  • Computer assisted Bayesian workflow

and there are plenty of other Bayesian modeling related topics such as

  • Computational cognitive models for AI assistance
  • AI-assisted modelling of dynamic interactional data
  • Data augmentation, noise and active learning — A Bayesian brain approach
  • Bayesian deep active learning for amortized inference of simulator models
  • Fast active-sampling approximate Bayesian inference for everyone
  • AI-assisted design of experiments and interventions
  • Probabilistic modelling and Bayesian machine learning
  • Bayesian deep learning
  • Deep generative modeling for biomedicine and genomics

and 40 other topics in CS/ICT. As you can see from the amount of Bayesian related topics the Aalto University and University of Helsinki has a big community of Bayesians with lot of interaction.

See more information and how to apply at Postdoctoral Researcher and Research Fellow Positions in ICT (Helsinki, Finland) – Helsinki Institute for Information Technology | HIIT


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