Population Approach Group in Europe conference

This week is the Population Approach Group in Europe (PAGE) conference on pharmacometrics. It’s probably one of the conferences I’m the most excited about this year! I spotted a few posters that use Stan and I’ll more broadly be on the lookout for applications which leverage Bayesian modeling. As you may know, pharmacometricians are a vibrant part of the Stan community.

If you’re attending the conference, feel free to contribute to this thread. I don’t think I can do the event justice on my own.

The first poster session starts at noon (Paris time, so 6 am New York time) this Friday.


Developing a model of SARS-CoV-2 viral dynamics under monoclonal antibody treatment
by Aurélien Marc, Marion Kerioui, Charles Margossian, Julie Bertrand, Pauline Maisonnasse, Yoan Aldon, Rogier W Sanders, Marit Van Gils, Roger Le Grand, and Jérémie Guedj.
3 min presentation

Torsten: Stan functions for pharmacometric applications - Improvements and new R interface workflow
by Yi Zhang and Bill Gillespie

Solving ODEs in a Bayesian context: challenges and opportunity
by Charles C Margossian, Lu Zhang, Sebastian Weber and Andrew Gelman
3 min presentation

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Thanks Charles :)

Please note also the presentation by Marion Kerioui at the Lewis Sheiner Session tomorrow: Bayesian modelling of individual lesions dynamics and survival to characterize response to immunotherapy cancer treatments.