ACoP8: Oct 15 - 19, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Hey all,

If anyone wants to meet at ACoP (American Conference of Pharmacometrics), please reach out. Here’s who I know will be there:

(Charles and I are both on the development team.)

Here are the Stan-related things that I know about. I’m sure there are more:

  • Sunday, 10/15: “Advanced Use of Stan, rstan and Torsten for Pharmacometric Applications (Metrum).” Taught by @billg.
  • Monday, 10/16: Session 3b: “Dynamic predictions of progression free survival and overall survival in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer using tumor sizes: A longitudinal joint modeling approach for Gefitinib.” Nidal Al-Huniti (AstraZeneca) (Stan Group collaborated on this model)
  • Tuesday, 10/17: Poster T-019: “Correlation between progression-free and overall survival in a meta-analysis of aggregated survival data from patients with non-small cell lung cancer.” (AstraZeneca and Stan Group. I’ll be here)
  • Tuesday, 10/17: Poster T-013: “Gaining Efficiency by Combining Analytical and Numerical Solutions to Solve ODE Systems: Implementation in Stan and Application in Bayesian PKPD Modeling” (Metrum)
  • Wednesday, 10/18: Session 7c: “Pharmacometrics Infrastructure and Knowledge Management.” Nidal Al-Huniti (Astra Zeneca) (Stan gets a small nod here.)

If you are there and want to meet up, please pm me.