Part of Google's guide to useful code reviews

Periodic reminder that code reviews are both really important and that both sides are human :) I think this new release from Google on Respectful Reviews is something for the entire @Stan_Development_Team to take a look at. It’s pretty short and sweet!

Apparently they have a bunch more material on engineering practices and code reviews here, but it’s a bit less poignant.


This is standard advice for feedback on anything, not just PRs.

It’s good advice, but perhaps the worst formatting I’ve seen since the mid-90s WWW. Uh-oh. That’s Reviewer Don’t #1. Let me reformulate based on Reviewer Do #1.

If this is an attempt at text formatting, can you please explain why you chose red and green highlighting when it’s invisible to a large number of those with color blindness and why you chose wide margins and narrow linespacing when [previous research] shows they make text challenging to read.

Being actionable and specific isn’t enough—the comments need to genuinely feel cooperative, not just constructive. As such, the following spoonful of sugar would help the medicine go down better:

This is great advice. Readers might find it easier to scan with slightly wider margins and wider line spacing (see [previous research]). The red-green highlighting should be changed to make it more accessible to those with color blindness (see [previous research]); yellow and blue are popular choices.

Their link to resolving conflict was nice and to the point. Try to cooperate, and if that fails, escalate ASAP.