Object with null pointer in Rstudio

Hi everyone,

I suddenly started getting a bug after fitting models using rstan. The stan-object is listed as an “Object with null pointer”, and R aborts if I summarise it or launch Shinystan.

I’ve tried saving the stanfit as an RData-file, and opening it in R without Rstudio. Then everything works as it should, and I can launch shinystan on the stanfit. So it seems something is up with Rstudio.

Have anyone else seen/heard of this before? And possibly have some pointers to a solution?

I’m using Rstudio Version 1.2.5019.


sorry to hear you are having problems, this seems to be related to some previous issues, especially:

There are some hints at workarounds, especially:

Yeah, we stopped recommending -mtune=native and -march=native on Windows, but a lot of people still have those in their Makevars from back in the day when it worked.

If none of those helps, please consider filing an issue/adding info to some of the open issues.

Finally, you can consider using CmdStanR which should not have this kind of problems (but is AFAIK less mature - but I have never used it so far)

Best of luck!

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Thank you for answering. Think maybe the path of least resistance is Docker, and thereby opting out of all this Windows-business.