New paper on SRM with missing data using Stan


Below is the link and BibTeX entry for a new paper using Stan to estimate the social relations model (hierarchical/multilevel model with dependent cross-classification) with incomplete data.

Didn’t here used to be a way to add it with a pull-request on github? I think I added my dissertation that way, but I couldn’t find the document to update.

Terrence Jorgensen


title={Using modern methods for missing data analysis with the social relations model: A bridge to social network analysis},
author={Jorgensen, Terrence D and Forney, K Jean and Hall, Jeffrey A and Giles, Steven M},
journal={Social Networks},

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We used to try to keep up on our web site and then we just ran out of steam. I wish there was a better way to find Stan papers on Google Scholar or Medline or something. So thanks for posting here.