Missing link in warning message about new ode interface

Running cmdstanr and using the old ODE interface produces the following warning message:

Compiling Stan program...
Warning in '/var/folders/ty/36ws994x4l33ksszcdwjtrv40000gp/T/Rtmp48286h/model-f6746dacdee8.stan', line 32, column 20: integrate_ode_rk45 is deprecated and will be removed in the future. Use ode_rk45 instead. 
The new interface is slightly different, see: 

Link to doc for new interface seems to be missing.

Thanks Charles for the report. I am seeing the full message on Ubuntu. I think this is something that got fixed recently when addressing a different issue.

Can you double check by running


to update to the latest cmdstanr Github version and try again.



I can see the same issue when using cmdstanr 0.4.0. So this confirms at least for me this has been addressed when fixing another issue. Would still appreciate another confirmation.

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yes, my version of cmstanr is outdated. Will update and check.