Math meeting notes from 7/18/2019

If you’d like to join in on the next Math developers’ meeting, they are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 10 am Eastern time on Google Meet. The next meeting is on 8/15. The meetings are open to anyone interested in the Math library’s development. Feel free to copy this calendar event or dm me for an invite to the calendar event.


@syclik, @roulades, @seantalts, @stevebronder, @Bob_Carpenter, @bbbales2, @rok_cesnovar, @wds15


This meeting did not have a strict agenda. We discussed status, what issues we had, and how to address them. Here are some of the things we discussed:

  • @Bob_Carpenter updated the team on the state of the autodiff testing framework; there is an open PR. @bbbales2 to follow up with a review.

  • All of us discussed the parallel autodiff things in the works that @wds15 has been working on: PR on deisgn docs, Intel TBB, discourse threads. We had some of the discussion before @wds15 could make it, then some with @wds15.

    • We will look at the Math contributions stand-alone from the design-doc perspective.
    • @seantalts will work with @wds15 to get the design docs to a state that’s reviewable by the community.
    • The point of the original proposal was to enable external C++ functions to be included in using CmdStan and RStan’s mechanisms.
    • What was proposed was designed for both users and math devs.
  • @roualdes is continuing to work on the Flatten refactor and will get in touch with @anon79882417

  • @stevebronder discussed the OpenCL activity. @rok_cesnovar confirmed that one template type there is sufficient for a type. There’s no need to have mixed template types.

  • Intel TBB is caught up with licensing.

Please post any corrections or additions and we’ll update this top-level post.