Monthly Math development meeting: 11/21/2019, 10 am EST

Hey all,

Sorry for the late reminder. We have our monthly Math meetings on the third Thursday of the month. The next Math meeting is Thursday, Nov 21, 2019, 10 am Eastern time. This will last no more than one hour; if we need more time, we will schedule additional time.

This meeting is open to all those that currently contribute to the Math library or that would like to contribute to the Math library. If you’d like an invite to the Google Calendar event, please DM me with your Google handle. If you’d like to just have a copy of the event on your calendar, please use this link:

Direct Google Meet link:


  • this is a chance to collaborate and coordinate efforts. We’re expecting everyone to be kind and courteous. And patient. We have a team with diverse backgrounds.
  • impactful decisions will not be made at these meetings. That will continue to be done online on these forums. The meetings are a good time to discuss and get on the same page, but the decision making will be done online where we can include the opinions of others that can’t make the meeting.
  • important discussions that happen at the meeting will be communicated back online on these forums. If they don’t make it back here, it wasn’t important. No one will be penalized for not being present at a meeting.

If there’s anything you know you want to talk about, please post here. This is a good time to request help from others if there’s expertise that you need.


@rok_cesnovar, @stevebronder, @syclik

It was a short meeting (~30 minutes). We talked about two things:

  1. More general signatures

    • The goal: having generic Eigen templates pass through.
    • Just had status and discussed some of the reasons why this might be hard.
    • In order to do this well, we might have to have Stan call the Math library with more generic templates.
  2. Flatten refactor.

    • @rok_cesnovar wants to work on it. Will put up a plan. @syclik agreed to help where it makes sense.
    • request that when PRs go up, reviews are fast in order to accommodate the difficulty of refactors and interactions with other PRs.

Hopefully we’ll see you next month!

Title says 21. text quotes 11th. It’s probably 21. Nov.

Will try to be there, but I am not sure if it works out.

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I will attend, might be a few minutes late due to commuting but will try to do my best not to be late.

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I haven’t touched it since summer. I’m avoiding Stan to focus on classes. If I were to pick it up again I would take Daniel’s advice, not write a script to do it, and instead, build the includes, combine the scripts and test files manually, and test at each step. It’s tedious but it’s really the only way.


Thanks! I agree that this is probably the best way to do it. We can drop that from the agenda then.

Right now I am busy with some other things. I have not even started working on this general signature refactor, but I probably will once I have more time, if noone else picks it up in the meantime.

Thanks, @tadej. Fixed the post. It is indeed today.

@anon79882417, thanks for posting.

@rok_cesnovar, if you’ve got time, let’s work on it. There was a lot of progress made, but it has stalled and although Math still works, it’s in an inconsistent state. And consistency is useful. I’ll help out too.

Same. Once the semester begins, I struggle to work on Stan as much as I’d like.

Please do, @rok_cesnovar. I want to be able to help, but would probably just slow you down.


Just edited the top-level comment to include the notes from the meeting.