Marginal_effects for multivariate models with mixed continuous/ordinal responses

I have a brms model with 8 continuous and 3 ordinal responses, and I would like to make a marginal_effects plot for one binary predictor per response. When I run the code, I get a warning that recommends using categorical=TRUE for the ordinal responses. However, doing this throws an error, since I have continuous responses. Is there a workaround here?

Alternatively, is there some way to only calculate the effects for a subset of responses?

You can savely ignore the warning. It is just issued because brms recognizes that some of your response variables is ordinal.

Thanks for the quick reply.
Is there some way to getting the probability of belonging to each ordinal level with this? I think this would be more interpretable.

Ah I see what you mean. You should use the resp argument to plot results only for the selected responses.

Ah, I must not have seen that in the documentation. Thanks!