M1 Mac issues

I only have access to this iMac for a few more days (father has one) and I’m testing out cmdstanr.

I haven’t seen this particular issue mentioned. I’m using cmdstanr and cmdstan 2.28.2. Everything installs and I can compile and sample models. But I can only do this once. If I change the Stan file or I force_recompile the model compiles but I cannot sample from it.

The error I’m getting says zsh killed process. I believe that the recompilation is kicking off a terminal process in Rosetta and then when it tries to call this process zsh kills it immediately because it’s arm compiled.

I can only get sampling to start if I manually go into the directory with the compiled Stan model, delete it, and then recompile.


Thanks Sean for the report and debugging this.

Can you try installing:


and seeing that helps. Its a silly attempt, but based on what you are saying it should work.

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I’m getting an error with

> schools <- cmdstan_model("eight_schools.stan", force_recompile = TRUE)
Error in if (file.exists(self$exe_file())) { : argument is of length zero

error persists even if force_recompile = FALSE and I make changes to the stan file and re-save.

Sorry, fixed the syntax. Can you try again?

It works!

Huh, a weird fix, but I will take it :)

hi @spinkney - is this an issue for CmdStanPy as well?